Welcome to the Dragon Family

The DRAGON CLASHERS legacy lives on in DRAGON FEEDER established sometime in 2013. Our clan strives to create an active, social, and drama free playing environment. Our goal was to become one of the top trophy clans we earned a clan record of 350 before clan wars started. We were the first DRAGON CLASHERS clan; Samshooterxx1 and Cyberweb1 created DRAGON CLASHERS after our first clan flying sausage was wrecked by a rogue elder. At the time there were no other DRAGON CLASHERS clans, however our notoriety and popularity have led to an abundance of clans with identical names. We are flattered so many have chosen to emulate us.

DragonClashers died off some time in 2016 in our quest for trophy count we neglected to war. During that time DRAGON FEEDER became a war machine and is currently a level 18 War Clan. So we all went to our main feeder DRAGON FEEDER CyberWeb1 still plays along with WarriorBegg and our donating accounts SuperClasher and DMqueen. We war all the time, donate all the time and haven't trophy pushed I don't think ever...maybe once. Samshooterxx1 came out of retirement and is back in the clan. He hasn't lost his touch and still knows how to raid.

Our recruiting strategy is simple we look for individuals who have shown an eagerness to progress in CoC. You're base and troops are a reflection of your efforts and will be periodically inspected to ensure you are moving forward with upgrades. We require that all members donate and respect requests ask and receive confirmation before filling with alternate troops. If specific troops are not specified use your best judgement when donating alternates.

Our feeder is our MAIN CLAN now DRAGON FEEDER WarriorBegg is leader.

Dragon Clashers

We run clean clans, meaning foul language and references are not tolerated. We have players of all ages in the clan and ask that you show respect for fellow clashers. You will get one warning any subsequent offenses will result in your immediate removal from clan.

Entry Guidelines and Rules for DRAGON FEEDER

This changes periodically and we are usually full so try to join if you can and umm yeah we'll let you in or not.


We war a lot, so if your in use both raids, don't be that clan member that flakes out on raids, it's not cool and you'll likely be kicked!

Check clan mail for war plan, raid early if you can, have fun. Don't bubba chicken.

Participate! We all want the prizes, its a team effort to get them, so get points!

As a best practice we suggest a consultation on the base you’re looking to attack from fellow clash mates this advice is highly valuable as sometimes a second set of eyes see things we may overlook. It is the clan’s expectation that everyone will wage war using their two attacks, failure to wage war will result in demotion and/or immediate removal from clan.

Must keep their trophy count above clan minimum whatever that is, loosely enforced.
Must donate a ton of troops troops each season. Donation ratio's: This clan has no donation ratio requirement. We accept the fact some play more and ask for more troops then others. As long as minimum donations are met. We don't feel donation ratio should be an issue.

Elder Achievement
Currently elders are appointed by leader and co's and only after you donated a lot, were active, are cool and some other random metrics. Elder is a right of passage and demonstrates your level of committment and engagment within the clan.

Demoting of elders will and can happen, being an elder is a commitment that is earned and maintained. Reason for demotion are as follows: Not making donation requirement for one season Obvious non - involvement in clan activity/business Disregard for others feelings or personal aspects Bullying (using title to push people around)

Leaders are solely responsible for picking and demoting their co-leaders. Co-leaders will be held at a higher standard and must act with respect and in best interest of clan.

Note: All clan rules and general direction of the clan will be decided by leader & co-leader/elder council which is comprised of leaders and elders voted into council.
Current committee for DRAGON FEEDER Begg and Tennis pretty much rule the roost these days, I could be wrong and if you want a say speak up but not too loudly.

Questions, comments or concerns email dragonclashers@optonline.net

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